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♡ Beauty Excellence in the Heart of Enfield & Oakwood ♡

Dora Beauty Clinic
Discover Your Beauty with Us

Dora Beauty Clinic - Where Elegance Meets Expertise: Offering expert beauty and care services in Enfield and Oakwood.


♡ Our Treatments ♡

At Dora Beauty Clinic, we offer a diverse range of treatments to enhance your unique beauty and wellness needs. Explore our comprehensive services, each designed to provide you with the best results

♡ We Are Dora ♡

Dora Beauty Clinic is one of London’s leading beauty and wellness centers. We offer exceptional beauty, health, and relaxation experiences. Here are the five features that set us apart:

Comprehensive Treatments

Professional Expertise

Advanced Equipment

Total Wellness

Customised Care

Elevate Your Beauty Experience

♡ Discover Our Services ♡

Step into a realm of beauty where personalized services make your experience truly unique. Discover our tailored treatments for your perfect glow.

Elevate Your Beauty

Dora Beauty Clinic is a specialized beauty and skincare centre. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest services. With our expertise in beauty and personal care, we are here to assist you in achieving the best results. 

♡ My Dora Beauty Experience ♡

Tanko Kaleev
a month ago
I would like to recommend this clinic. We have been using this clinic for many years and honestly from every single I have tried I will recommend it 10/10. 1st they know what they are doing every single staff is fully qualified and experienced to the max meaning they know what they are doing. They do laser, Botox, and all beauty needs. Honestly I know people leave reviews but unless you try this clinic you will not believe it you have to try it your self.
Steve Vyse
a month ago
As someone who has worked styling the Hollywood stars in LA , Cosmetic surgery is a big thing in my industry. this salon gives star Quality with a Friendly team of Professionals. Loved my treatment and Will be coming back
Jane B
3 months ago
Really friendly staff who couldn’t be more helpful. The treatment I received was very effective with the advised laser treatment for a cluster of veins on my nose which I felt so embarrassed by. In just one treatment, the results are incredible and am so happy after just 6 weeks, virtually gone already!! Many thanks to all at Dora Beauty Clinic!
Eralda Cela
6 months ago
The BEST beauticians in all North London! Worth every single penny! The staff are amazingly nice and always accommodating. The environment very clean! Couldn’t recommend more!
Neslihan Bingol
3 months ago
Dora beauty clinic in oakwood is very proffessional. The staff working here are calm, patient and very helpful. I felt like home when I was at the clinic. I had my B12, vitamin D and Biotin done bu Yeşim shes very nice. My facial was done by Rojda, she was excellent. Berivan is another staff at the clinic shes a superstar, very proffessional. Again fatoş the receptionist is a big smile and can advice you on which product you can use. To conclude it up, this clinic is a must visit, and definetly you come out of here stress free 🙂


♡ Frequently Asked Questions ♡

What beauty services does Dora Beauty Clinic offer?

Dora Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of beauty services, including laser hair removal, ozone therapy, microneedling (Dermapen), microblading, skincare, and many more. Explore our full list of services for a complete beauty experience.

How does laser hair removal work, and is it effective?

Laser hair removal is a highly effective method for permanent hair reduction. It works by targeting and heating hair follicles with laser light, ultimately destroying them. While individual results may vary depending on skin and hair types, it is generally a reliable and efficient solution.

What is microneedling (Dermapen), and how does it work?

Microneedling (Dermapen) is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation technique that involves creating controlled micro-injuries using fine needles. This process stimulates collagen production, addressing various skin concerns and leading to a more youthful and radiant complexion.

What does skincare services include?

Our skincare services are tailored to your unique skin type and requirements. They encompass thorough cleansing, moisturizing, gentle exfoliation, and the application of specialized masks. Our skincare treatments are essential for enhancing and maintaining overall skin health.

"What is microblading, and how does it shape eyebrows?

Microblading is an advanced technique designed to create natural-looking eyebrows. Our experts use precision needles to define eyebrow shapes and implant natural color pigments beneath the skin’s surface. While results are not permanent, they offer a long-lasting and beautifully shaped appearance.

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Natural Beauty &
Skincare Products

We’ve thoughtfully chosen our products to meet your specific needs, aiming to enhance your skin’s natural radiance and overall health. We prioritize the beauty of nature and our products are created to nourish and revitalize your skin, revealing your inner glow.